Horoscope predicts the future of a person. This prediction is based on a person’s birthdate and birth time. From the person’s birth details we prepare his/her janam kundali, which indicates the position of the navagrahas.

From the horoscope we can predict life’s longevity, health, education, settlement, marriage, trouble in marriages, delayed marriages, arranged and love marriages, improvement in life, fame and name etc.

Even a person’s last day on earth can be predicted via horoscope.


We can predict how long you are going to survive on planet earth, your current state of mental and physical health and prediction of future occurrence of fatal accidents.


This comes under medical astrology category. Every health problem can be predicted via medical astrology. We also recommend astrological remedies for different health problems.


Prediction of the line of education in which one will gain excellent name and fame.


In which field (business, technical, entrepreneurship etc) a person will be able to live a settled life. We can also predict when and where a person will eventually live a settled life. (his/her motherland or abroad).


Through astrology we can predict the financial position of a person. What will be the fate of their savings? Which field is best to invest your savings? Through all this we can save you from any financial loss.


We can trace a person’s marriage life, i.e., astrological match making results, will it be a love marriage or arranged marriage. How smooth will their married life be? A happy one or a one with friction. Any chance of getting married for the second or third time can also be predicted.


We can predict how many children will you give birth to; we also have remedies for childless couples.

Note: Horoscope prediction book will be written manually in English or in Telugu language on the basis of birth time and birthdate. Lucky stone and lucky vaastu will be suggested along with the book. These predictions are calculated manually and not by using any technology. There is a vast difference between manual calculations and virtual predictions.